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From eric leung <>
Subject acknowledgment from web client
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2001 22:07:56 GMT
I have a servlet serves files for web browser.

How can I know if the HTTP web browser had:
1) finished download 100% of the file, or;
2) only downloaded 50% of the file then click cancel,
3) only downloaded 70% then reboot the machine

i think the TCP/IP layer (socket) will keep track of
acknowlegament send back from client. but how do i
implement this in my servlet? how do i (servlet) know
how many bytes client had receive? 

I am now using apache + tomcat.  I heard tomcat has
problem getting  acknowlegament from client. since
tomcat is seperated by apache server from client (it's
a tomcat bug also). Any one knows how to fix this
Web-browser --> apache --> tomcat


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