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From Peter Smith <>
Subject Which workers am I using?
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2001 20:04:03 GMT
I can see the ajp12 and 13 worker threads being
instantiated (via log messages in the console) when I
crank up Tomcat, but how do I know if the 13's are
being used at all?  All my auto-generated files
continue to point to 'ajp12' workers, even after I've
changed almost every reference I can find in any
properties file I can find.  Does it even matter
what's in these 'auto' files?  I'm not even sure it
matters which worker(s) I'm using, but the docs said
it did.

I've pointed Apache/Tomcat to look at a customized
version of the 'mod_jk-auto' file with most/all
'ajp12' references changed to 'ajp13'.  Is this even
necessary?  What else might I need to do?

Thank you!


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