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From Arun Jayaprakash <>
Subject Tomcat3.2 on Win2000
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2001 10:46:14 GMT
Hello to all,

I have a rather strange problem with Tomcatv3.2 on
Windows2K. I have developed a JSP package that conducts
tests on the company's intranet.

I had initially developed it on Tomcat v3.0 and Win98.
After completing it, I deployed it on the company server,
the Windows 2000 machine and also upgraded the version of
Tomcat to 3.2 Needless to say, there was the usual trouble
with deprecated functions   :)

Anyway, the program works as follows -
A person logs into the system after getting authenticated.
He (or she, for that matter) chooses a subject and takes a
test in it. After the test is over and the answers are
evaluated, the person logs out of the system.

The program works perfectly when I run it from the server
itself. But if I were to run it from a client (a Win98 PC),
the server freezes which results in restarting the server.

I want to know why this problem happens. Has anybody faced
this problem? Does anybody have the solution?

Thanks and bye,
Arun Jayaprakash.

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