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From <>
Subject Apache-SSL or Tomcat-SSL
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2001 19:58:42 GMT
Hey All,

Newbie here.  Been working with this stuff for about a week and a 
half now.  Boss told me to get Tomcat and SOAP and add them to
the apache server and demonstrate they work.  Well, it took some
time but that's done.

Now he says:  Add SSL 

My question is ....  I've been reading every thing I can get my
hands on and it looks like I can add SSL to apache and run
two servers (http on 80 and https on 443 or whatever) or use
the Virtual host stuff


Add SSL to Tomcat.

Should I be doing both?
Is one easier than the other?

Particulars:  I'm running Apache 1.3.19, Tomcat 3.1.1, Soap 2.0, 
				  on a Solaris 7 System.




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