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From Scott Walter <>
Subject Storing property file
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2001 18:18:17 GMT

I want to get your guys/girls input on the following:

I am building an app that will run under Tomcat and in
the future J2EE app servers.  Currently I am storing
parameters for connecting to a database (i.e. jdbc
url, driver, etc.) inside a .properties file.  

When the app is started for the first time I want the
user to enter values for db parameters and then to
write them to the property file.

Currently I am reading the properties file off the
classpath via getResource().  Is there anyway that I
can figure where exactly on the file system where the
properties file is located at so I can write to it in
the correct location???

I took a look at the Jive open source project and they
have the user put the location where the file exists
on the file system as an entry in the properties file,
I would like a more elegant solution.

thanks in advance.


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