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From "Boyce, David" <David.Bo...@FMR.COM>
Subject Tomcat and NT service via wrapper script?
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2001 20:48:53 GMT
Short version: I need to run Tomcat as a service on NT (and know how to do
so) but need a hook to run an arbitrary command as part of the service
Details: I'm running Tomcat out of a ClearCase view (for those unfamiliar,
ClearCase is a dynamic filesystem abstraction with a metalanguage allowing
you to specify which versions of files you want to see, e.g. "the state as
of 3:34 PM yesterday" or "my changes but no one else's", etc. But note that
my problem has nothing to do with ClearCase per se). Running in a view has
many advantages, especially for development, as deployment (or rollback)
becomes as simple as changing a line of metalanguage to select newer (or
older) versions.

However, the use of ClearCase is a red herring; the only concern is that the
"view" must be started with the command "cleartool startview <view-name>"
before Tomcat runs. I'm doing this on UNIX now and it works just great with
a little bit of scripting. But I now need to do the same thing on Windows;
unfortunately the whole "service" business there seems pretty intractable.
All I need is a hook to run the startview command prior to Tomcat startup
but I haven't been able to dig up documentation on how or whether it can be

To save time let me enumerate what I don't need: I know how to run Tomcat as
a service on NT and have done so successfully. I'm aware of the JDK 1.3.0
bug which affects this. I realize that ClearCase (which also runs as a
service on NT) must be started prior to Tomcat and have read up on how to
edit service dependencies in the registry. All I still need is a way to run
an arbitrary command (which happens in my case to be "cleartool startview")
as part of the service startup sequence. Has anyone done something similar?

Thanks in advance,
David Boyce

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