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From Alexander Jesse <>
Subject RE: [bug report] servlet's twice calling
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2001 07:02:46 GMT

can it be that it depends on the user-agent (=browser)?
I have allways seen the problem (sporadically appear) when using
a netscape 4.x browser. And it appeared on different webservers.
It is not even necessary that it is a servlet-call.


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Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2001 6:45 PM
Subject: Re: [bug report] servlet's twice calling

Well, I'm using 3.2.2beta, but we do file uploads and don't see double
postings at all.  It would seem like a serious problem, though, to have
double POST calls done since that would result in two transactions.

I have seen the opposite, though, when serving up a file that was uploaded,
I've noted that there are two GET requests done.  It seems like some
browsers, perhaps, are doing an initial get (to get the last modified
date?), then close the request and do another to actually retrieve the file.
But it's not consistent, and I suspect it's a browser thing...


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