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From Matías Salvador <>
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2001 20:35:31 GMT
Hy People,
              I'm working with APACHE & TOMCAT and I am investigating how to make them
secure , so i'd like to ask you all some questions:
1. What do i have to take in count to make my webserver (APACHE, TOMCAT or BOTH) secure?
2. How do i have to configure the SSL in them?
3. Is it necesary to aquire a "Digital Certificate"? What is it for?
4. How do I do to browse my dynamic or static pages and make the closed padlock appear?
5. How can someone hack my server?
6. Is there anything I have to put in my servlets code to make them secure, or it is just
a webservers or servlet containers topic?

 Thanks for any hint you can throw me, as I'm a little lost with all the things I read (Internet,
Jakarta List, o'Reillys Book, etc..)

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