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From "Jeff Kilbride" <>
Subject Re: to many tomcat processes!! AAH!!
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2001 02:09:34 GMT
Go to the Tomcat User's Guide:

and do a search for "max_threads". You can configure your PoolTCPConnectors for ajp12 and
ajp13 via the server.xml file.

BE CAREFUL. If you set these values too low, you will undoubtedly hamper performance. However,
you shouldn't leave these at the default values once you understand what they do. In my case,
I am using ajp13 in all of my code. ajp12, as far as I know, is only being used for startup/shutdown
of Tomcat itself. So, I cut the values way back for ajp12 and increased the defaults for ajp13.


  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: Brendon M. Maragia 
  Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2001 5:14 PM
  Subject: to many tomcat processes!! AAH!!

  Dear Readers,


  I finally!!! Got Jakarta Tomcat vhosting with Cocoon and it was so so beautiful and sweet,
I jumped around the room screaming in joy.  Don't try an tell me you've never done that. 
Anyways, I was using jdk1.1.3 ;] ewww, I know.  So I upgraded to j2sdk1.3 and fired everything
back up.  Low and behold when running ps -aux, I was confronted with this..


  root      2806 44.5  4.1 76632 10580 pts/1   S    20:01   0:01 /usr/local/jdk1.2.2/bin/i386/native_threads/java

  root      2844  0.0  4.1 76632 10580 pts/1   S    20:01   0:00 /usr/local/jdk1.2.2/bin/i386/native_threads/java

  root      2845  0.0  4.1 76632 10580 pts/1   S    20:01   0:00 /usr/local/jdk1.2.2/bin/i386/native_threads/java

  root      2846  0.0  4.1 76632 10580 pts/1   S    20:01   0:00 /usr/local/jdk1.2.2/bin/i386/native_threads/java


  Not just that about 50 more.  In total about 54 Jakarta Tomcat processes, all this right
after I upgraded to j2sdk1.3.  I tried downgrading again to jdk1.2.2, no dice same error.
 I searched through the mail archives and noticed a guy buy the name of Pete Wright had posted
a similar error.  I emailed him and he told me the list hadn't been much help.  So in posting
the same error again I hope to raise user sympathy ;]  please help!



  Brendon Maragia

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