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From "Jeff Kilbride" <>
Subject JDBC Realm problem
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2001 21:28:46 GMT
I'm using JDBC Realm with MySQL to protect an area of my website. I've got everything configured
correctly and it works. However, I've noticed that if the protected area is accessed and then
*not* accessed again for a period longer than my MySQL connection timeout value (default of
8 hours), JDBC Realm is unable to recover and all users are sent to my login error page.

Here's the entry from my tomcat.log:

2001-04-23 12:51:27 - ContextManager: JDBCRealm: The database connection is null or was found
to be closed. Trying to re-open it.
2001-04-23 12:51:27 - ContextManager: JDBCRealm: There was an SQLException while in authenticate:
2001-04-23 12:51:27 - ContextManager: JDBCRealm: SQLException: java.sql.SQLException: Invalid
authorization specification: Access denied for user: 'nobody@localhost' (Using password: NO)

I suppose I could up the timeout value in MySQL, but isn't it a little strange that JDBC Realm
can't open a new connection to recover?

Anyone else had this problem? I'm using Tomcat 3.2.1 on Linux with IBMJava2-13.


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