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From Ed Gomolka <>
Subject Re: tomcat without apache logging & security
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2001 10:02:28 GMT
On Tuesday 03 April 2001 10:47, wrote:
> I would like to log all the queries to the database in logs/servlet.log. I
> put the verbosityLevel to DEBUG which didn't seem to have an effect on the
> logfile (it only logs the init calls). In server.xml, there are all these
> ContextInterceptors that I suspect to be helpful (?), but I have no idea
> how to use or modify them. If you have some explanation or suggestions or
> know some documentation "for dummies" I would be very grateful :-)
What you need to do is use log statements in your Java code
In your Java code, obtain the servlet context, and then write a log
statement along the lines of:
servletContext.log("Querying the database");
Any logging you do using the servlet API's logging facility will end up in 
Tomcat's servlet log.
Check the Javadoc for the servlet API for more info.

Ed Gomolka

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