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From "Lian, Xiaobu (Alice) (Xiaobu (Alice))" <>
Subject Configure Apache to work with Tomcat - mod_jk.conf-auto?
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2001 18:27:17 GMT

My problem with building on hp-ux has been solved with
the big help from Mike Braden.  Many thanks to Mike again!

Now I have a general question: 
How do I configure apache to work with tomcat? 

I have this question because after I included mod_jk.conf-auto in
and I started tomcat and apache without problem.  However, when I try to 
access one servlet class, I saw the differences:

When access from tomcat directly, http://myserver:8090/servlets/my_test, the
servlet class works.
But if I use apache url:  http://myserver/servlets/mytest, a "save as"
window was started. 

I guess that probably I did not configure correctly for apache to 
communicate with tomcat. 

I have read the mod_jk howto and tomcat-apache howto.  I use tomcat 2.3.1
with apache 1.3.19.

I was confused by whether I should include mod_jk.conf-auto 
(if yes, how can I make any changes?) in the httpd.conf, 
or I should use LoadModule and AddModule in httpd.conf.  

I assume I cannot do both at the same time, can I?  But I do not know 
what are the advantages one over the other?

Can anybody help me with a basic guide to configure apache to talk 
to tomcat in httpd.conf and any other files?  Thanks for any information!  


Xiaobu Alice Lian
Database Engineer
Agere Systems

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