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From Benoit Jacquemont <>
Subject TR: Which version of tomcat to use with JBuilder 4.0(Foundation)?
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2001 16:47:37 GMT
Thanks for your help scott, but I was just trying to help somebody else. I
don't have any problem to run Tomcat under Jbuilder. But I think your answer
will really help Qingjian Du.

Thank you for him ! ;-)


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De : Scott Sanders []
Envoye : jeudi 5 avril 2001 17:40
A :
Objet : Re: Which version of tomcat to use with JBuilder

Fairly straightforward.

First, install the version of Tomcat that you want to use.  I have tried
and succeeded with 3.0,3.1,3.2,3.2.1,3.3-dev,4.0-dev

Second, make sure that Tomcat runs by itself.  Then shut it down.

Third, in JBuilder under Project | Project Properties:
   a) In the paths tab, under the Required Libraries sub-tab, add the
Tomcat jar files (for Tomcat 4 this is just bootstrap.jar)
   b)Under the run tab, set the main class to the class that the
.sh|.bat files use to run Tomcat (for T4 this is
   c) if necessary set the VM Parameters.  Note that I always set the
Tomcat home property by adding -Dtomcat.home=/path/to/tomcat on the VM
parameters line.  Also, when using Tomcat 4 with the bootstrap class,
you need to add the word start as the single parameter on the
Application Parameters.
   d) Set up your server.xml and your web.xml files properly (I cannot
help you with this ;-)

Then you can compile, run, and even debug your servlets!  Hooray!

Scott Sanders

PS If you need more help, just ask, as I use JBuilder 4 on both Windows
and Linux with no problems whatsoever.

Benoit Jacquemont wrote:

> I use JBuilder 4.0 Foundation on a Win200Pro machine with Tomcat 3.2.1.
> it works really fine. But I used to use the Tomcat 3.1 sometimes ago and
> works great as well.
> What do you do to run Tomcat under JBuilder ?
> Benoit
>> I want to install the tomcat servlet, and I have installed JBuilder
>> 4.0(Foundation) on my machine (WinNT). I just wonder if someone knows
>> the version of tomcat (build) I need to install. I tried
>> tomcat 3.1, but
>> failed to run it.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Qingjian

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