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From Benoît Jacquemont <>
Subject RE: Pentium IV - any known problems?????
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2001 15:01:47 GMT
First of all, open a dos window, go to your TOMCAT_HOME (cd TOMCAT_HOME), go
to the bin, and execute tomcat run instead of double clicking on the
startup.bat script. It is a every-day-repeated trick to see what is the
error when the window is closing. So please write it down somewhere ! (;-)

> Hi,
> I've been looking for anything in the archive but couldn't 
> see anything
> to help me.  Feel free to ignore this but I'm puzzled so 
> anything would
> be a step forward!
> Basically, I'm trying to get Tomcat up and running on a Pentium IV 
> PC - does anyone know of any reason why this would fail?  I only ask
> because my Visual Cafe 4.0 was unsupported on P IV and that
> spooked me.
> I've got jdk13 installed and my "HelloWorld" test works.  I've set
> and  TOMCAT_HOME but runing "startup" brings up a dos window that
> then disappears without any error.  I followed the 
> installation guide I
> found here,
> maybe it misses something out.
> I'm currently eyeballing the startup scripts....
> Thanks for your time,
> Chris

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