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From Benoît Jacquemont <>
Subject RE: Tomcat vs JServ
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2001 10:47:17 GMT
You shouldn't use JServ anymore. Tomcat comes in replacement of JServ. And
actually, JServ is kind of dead because, as Milt Epstein said, there won't
be any other development on JServ. So no more enhancement will be made to
the engine.

There is no point to compare Tomcat and JServ. Tomcat and JServ are not
competitors, Tomcat is just the replacement for JServ. If you want to use
the servlet/JSP engine from the Apache Project, use Tomcat.



>I'm trying to evaluate whether to use Tomcat or JServ. The system will be
freeBSD and I know that Tomcat has some "issues"
>with that - but I'm willing to take the chance.

>However, if speed and memory are issues which would be best for basic
servlet functionality?

>Surely it would be JServ as it has been in bug fixing mode for so long it
will have matured and is quite fast anyway?

>Any insights appreciated,


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