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From Benoît Jacquemont <>
Subject RE: OutputStream Already in USE ..!!!!
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2001 13:18:21 GMT
  I don't know why you get a OutputStream already in use, but the reason why
it works with IE and not with Netscape may be because you do not set
properly the Content-type of your image. Indeed, IE seems to be a little bit
cleverer than Netscape because it interprets the real content of a file
before displaying it instead of only looking at the Content-type header
property. So you have to be more explicit with Netscape.


   I am using Tomcat and trying to write a Gif file to client browser window
using JSP.
  I use ACME - GifEncoder to convert the picture to GIF.
  The Encoder needs OutputStream type object as one of the parameter in its
  I am using ServletOutputStream object for this, which i got through

  But the tomcat gives Error as "OutputStream already been used."

  But the GIF image is Displayed properly in IE 5.0.

  It gives ASCII charactes in Netscape.

  Why is this so.

  Please help.
  Thanks for the time.


  L G Goundalkar
  Intertec Communications Pvt Ltd

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