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From Lukas S├Ągesser>
Subject security provider problem with tomcat
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2001 14:10:17 GMT
hi there!

i'm trying to make cryptix security work with tomcat.

the installation guide says to register the security provider with the jre
1.3 (which i did).
the installation was successful and added the following lines to

# Added by Cryptix V3 installation program:

now, when i run a example batch (without tomcat), it works perfectly. but
when i call the same method (the one that uses the encryption) from a jsp
file, i get a error on the tomcat saying:

NoSuchProviderException: Provider Cryptix not available

whats the problem here ? i already made sure that i start the tomcat with
the same java.exe i used to register the security provider.
first i had the cryptix.jar in the web-inf/lib of my webapplication... then
i thought apparenty tomcat is missing the jar and put it to tomcat/lib
(restarted tomcat) but it didnt help.
so either way, the cryptix library _is_ in the classpath, so what am i
missing ?

thanks in advance!
greetings, lukas

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