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From "George McKInney" <>
Subject RE: .java being taken for a .jsp ??? - Thanks!
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2001 15:09:49 GMT
> It doesn't sound like Tomcat is mistaking your Java file for a jsp. It
> actually looks like it's trying to recompile a file inside of
> your one of
> your jars, which is pretty weird.
Thanks. Your comment put me on (what appears to be ) the right track.

There are some .java files in the WEB-INF/classes/com/snv/jpub/*

These are (oops :-) copied over from the place they are generated as part of
the rather baroque jpub/sqlj build process.

I'm really not sure WHY Tomcat tries to compile the .java when there is a
perfectly good .class file sitting in the same directory, but it could be
that the timestamp sequence is altered when the files are copied. Usually,
the .java would be older than the .class, but it might be that the .class
file got copied first and the .java later (by a millisecond or two). That
still doesn't explain why the problem only shows up on one machine.

The only cases where I have seen this being a problem is where one of these
classes is referred to by a .jsp - many other classes use them without
problems, but then, they aren't trying to compile stuff on the fly.

I've just made sure that the .java files don't end up in WEB-INF/classes,
and the problem hasn't shown up.

Thanks again,

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