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From "Matthias Hupp" <>
Subject Accessing HTML files in the apache root from servlets
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2001 00:44:33 GMT
Greetings everyone,
I am going mad over this: I have a servlet directory structure in my apache
virtual host document root. Servlets can be reached by typing
"www.../servlet/ServletName. I am trying to access a html file from that
servlet as input data, it could be  just any type of text file. Its name is
passed to the servlet in the URL:
www.../servlet/ServletName?search=inputfile.html. I would like to place that
file somewhere in the apache document root, ideally in the same directory as
the classes.
But tomcat (or the JRE from the Sun JDK, not sure) looks for that file in
the server system root if I do not specify the correct (system) path  -
/usr/local/... - in the URL. First, this path is very very long, and second,
users shouldn't be bothered with the directory structure of my system (it is
really ugly).
BTW, the software versions of the tomcat engine and the JDK are, AFAIR, the
latest respective releases.
So, could anybody tell me how to tell tomcat (or the JRE) to consider the
web-documents directory as their root? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thx in advance, Matthias

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