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From "Alex Colic" <>
Subject how to access a properties file as a resource.
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2001 13:50:46 GMT

I have a properties file in the web-inf directory of my web app. How can I
access that file. It holds my localization settings I have tried.

String pathSeperator =File.separator.

InputStream is=context.getResourceAsStream("Web-inf" + pathSeperator +

PropertyResourceBundle  res= new PropertyResourceBundle(is);

When the input stream tryes to get the resource I get the following Tomcat

Ctx(  ): Unsafe path C:\JBuilder4\Projects\pwWorkRequest

And when the PropertyResourceBundle tries to read the input stream I get a

I have tried various strings to pass to context.getResourceAsStream() but I
have not been successful. Any help is appreciated.

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