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From "Shailendra" <>
Subject core java <<out of topic>>
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2001 03:12:02 GMT
hi all of you
<<Sorry... to go out of topic>>
this is about  some core java problem 
please help me(in any form ie. redirection to other site...) to get the ans. of these question?
please mail me on my mail id
how to produce a class file that run withod showing dos prompt(just 

like a procces)?
basically i want to know how to write a aplication that run on 

background and shows icon on status bar(rigth side) and clicking on 

that icon the applecation should come on to the foreground and again at 

minimizing event it will run as background.

how to know address of all pc in your LAN     ?
(just like network nebouhood)

can any body explain me at in core level how to handle resume support 

feature(downloading) from clientside and server side?

Thanks in advance


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