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From "EShin Yen" <>
Subject More question about connect IIS to Tomcat :
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 02:30:54 GMT

>Last year Aron mentioned :
>You can use IIS ISAPI redirector to redirect request for servlet and
>to tomcat. The redirector can be d/l from binary directory.
>within i386)
>My question is as followed :
>(1) We have existing customers using IIS. We have to deal with them
>(2) If I download mod_isapi.dll from APACHE site, how can I set up the 
>connection between IIS and Tomcat.
>(3) Basically, what will happen is :
>   * end user hit IIS and grab the html form (dynamic generated or static, 
>does not matter)
>   * end user fill the html form, hit the submit and the http message hit 
>one of the IIS ASP page.
>(4) Shall I use ISAPI function in the ASP code and try to "redirect" the 
>request to Tomcat or this redirection is a "set-up" thing. I can just set 
>up to let all the http request message be redirected to another machine 
>with Tomcat?
>(5) After setting up all these, the protocol between IIS and tomcat is HTTP 
>or AJP13 ?
>(5) more complex question. Probably, we all know there is a Apache-Jserv 
>architecture (tomcat can be a Jserv), to make a very nice load-balance and 
>fault tolerance scenario. If I redirect HTTP request from IIS to tomcat,I 
>think I would loss this architecture. Is there any way to redirect the HTTP 
>request from one IIS to many tomcat?
>(6) Any other suggesting about the web architecture if the IIS has to be 
>use in my case?
>                                               David.

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