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From "Eyvind Almquist" <>
Subject Is Apache/Tomcat an alternative for us?
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2001 13:29:19 GMT
The mission was to set up a Java-application with servlets.
The persons to perform this task was two IT-consultants who both had
previous experience from setting up webservers and web-based applications.
Apache webserver 1.3.11 was already installed and had been used for some time to serve static
Since Apache webserver do not have support for servlets we needed to install Tomcat also.
This is how the work proceeded:

Tomcat 3.2.1 was installed on the Unix-machine.
According to the Tomcat website this was "the latest release quality Tomcat build". 
Apache webserver was stopped. Then we tried to start Tomcat. However it refused to start until
changed the configuration-script to another port than 8007.
Then we changed the Apache configuration file to include the Tomcat configuration file.

To connect Apache and Tomcat we needed to get  a webserver-adapter called Jserv. The User
guide for Tomcat says that we need to compile the source-files for Jserv to get a working
version for our OS (Solaris 5).
After an extensive detective work
we found the needed source-file in the source version of Tomcat. The detective work
took a very long time, since these files where not in the place indicated by the  
User guide for Tomcat. So we downloaded the source for Tomcat 3.2.1.
We located the source-files for Jserv.
Then we moved to that directory and ran the commands for compiling. However these commands
didn't succed, since they called a Perl-script and we didn't have Perl on our machine.
Since Perl was not included in the Apache server or our version of Solaris,
we needed to install the Perl parser.

We found Perl  5.005_03 for Solaris on  Netscape's site and installed it. 
However the Perl parser didn't accept the included script from Tomcat for compiling called
due to several errors in it.
So we now have three alternatives.

Alternative 1

Skip Apache web-server and use another one that can handle Java-servlets better.
If we used a Java-based web-server with built-in support for servlets we wouldn't need a webserver-adapter
like Jserv and no seperate servlet-engine like Tomcat.

Alternative 2

Download another version of Tomcat and hope that the Perl-script apxs and everything else
in it
is correct this time. 

Alternative 3

Download another version of the Perl-parser and hope that it accepts the Perl-script apxs.

Does anyone has any opionons on what alternative we should go for or some other alternative?
We also need the webserver to handle SSL, which means that
we later would have to download and install a module for that, since our Apache web-server
don't support that.

Eyvind Almquist
Tietoenator Consulting

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