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From Benoît Jacquemont <>
Subject RE: Tomcat installation
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2001 12:50:02 GMT
  Hi Sonia,

  First thing: for environment development, you don't need the Apache server
since Tomcat provide a minimalistic web server that let you test your
servlet. Usually, this webserver is listening connections on port 8080. So,
if Tomcat is started, try http://localhost:8080 instead of 9090...

  By the way, if you plan to use Tomcat, forget about JServ. Tomcat comes in
replacement of JServ. If you want to use Apache with Tomcat, you only need
the link module ( Also, you don't need the SDK 2.0, because
Tomcat includes the latest SDK, and does not need any external SDK.

  But, for the moment, you only need Tomcat !

  So, concentrate your efforts and tomcat, and everything shoud worked by
the end of the day ! ;-)


  Dear group
  I went thru the documentation given for installation of Tomcat and I also
went thru Apache Web server installation. Now I have got Apache server
1.3.12, Jserve1.1.2, SDK2.0 installed on my comp....
  now when i start apache server and try to open administer page
http://localhost:9090  it gives page not available error... Actually I need
to install this for servlet development.  And I am running out of deadline
for an assignment submission.  I need to finish installation by today and
test atleast one sample servlet.  Please help me.
  Regards and Thnax

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