Yes it´s really a problem, i think its best to work on the console first....but i think orion has a beta version which you dont have to restart, but i´m not sure
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Från: Ryan []
Skickat: den 15 februari 2001 00:05
Ämne: Re: Caching with Tomcat 3.2

doesn't this become a burden? what is the best way to develop jsp then? get it to work on the console first?
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From: Anna Spångberg
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Subject: SV: Caching with Tomcat 3.2

u´ll have to restart tomcat, when u´re uploading new java classes...
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Från: Ryan []
Skickat: den 14 februari 2001 23:44
Ämne: Caching with Tomcat 3.2

With my current setup I will change classes and recompile them and then hit reload in the web browser to reload the jsp page that uses a certain class but the older version seems to be stuck in cache.
Is this a bug? I just thinking about turning it off altogether.
Does anyone know how to disable caching in tomcat 3.21?