I know that NT4 Workstation only allows 10 concurrent network connections. I didn't think that limit had changed for Win2k Workstation. Even though your app is running on the same machine, it is still making tcpip requests which would count against the limit. This is to force people to buy NT Server.


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I'm testing a servlet-application that is using Tomcat v 3.1
without Apache) running on Win2K Workstation.
The tool I'm using for testing starts a (configurable) number of
each of which connects to the server, sends a HTTP-request and waits for
the response. It runs on the same machine as the server.
When I start many threads simultaneously, the server sometimes refuses
connections (I get a ConnectException on client side).
The tomcat logfile shows nothing unusual.
Does someone know a possible reason for this behaviour or even a
solution ?
(I suspect that the "connection request queue" (I don't know the correct
 term ) of the operating system is too short, but where can i adjust
this ?)

Thanks in advance,

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