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From "Ase Lieden-Seeligson" <>
Subject Tomcat or Resin
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2001 21:23:59 GMT
I am setting up this web server:
Pentium 100
RedHat 6.2
Apache 1.3.17 

We will use both static and dynamic pages and therefor I was going to install Tomcat. However,
I keep coming across positive comments on Resin. Could anyone advise me on which way to go,
Tomcat or Resin? Especially if you have experience with both. Why would I choose one over
the other?? Is Tomcat still the main road?


PS I am an intern who is setting this system up for the local Court house. They have staff
who will be able to support it when I am done. Personally, I am new at this, so please be
clear and simple... Thanks!

PS2. I realize this list might not be the most impartial place to post this question, but
I'll do it anyway. If anyone has suggestions on other mailing lists to ask, please let me
know. Thanks!

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