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From Daniel Chudnov <>
Subject follow-up on extra whitespace
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2001 00:49:40 GMT

While trying to figure out why I'm getting lots of extra linefeeds in
simple jsp output (using tomcat-3.2.1), I found, in Luc's response to a
similar question a few weeks ago, here:

...that "there is no way to let tomcat do this automatically. 
It is impossible for it to know which whitespace is needed and which

This makes sense, it's just the nature of mixed-syntax tools like jsp.  
Nonetheless I'd rather not make all my code look more awful (it already is
rather lousy to begin with :) on any page where I need to return straight
xml.  This seems to beg for a more obvious and elegant solution.

Is there any simpler way to address this problem directly from jsp, or is
it just better for such apps to drop back to a servlet controller, using
one of the jakarta frameworks or otherwise?  It would be great, for
instance, if there were a flag that might be set somewhere to turn off
whitespace generation around jsp directives.  Of course that's not in the
spec, but, well, yknow.  Hrmph.

Btw I tried to query the bug database to see if anyone had requested such
a thing but the one pointed to from the jakarta site (at isn't responding.  I haven't
seend any of the more recent source releases, either, so apologies in
advance if this is already addressed somewhere.



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