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From Dana Haynes <>
Subject Security Manager Exception
Date Sat, 24 Feb 2001 19:22:41 GMT
I have implemented a model / view / controller architecture that uses RMI
for communication between an applet and an object on the server. This all
works fine under tomcat 3.1.1, but when we move it over to 3.2.1, we
recieve this error:

2001-02-24 03:06:42 - Ctx( /dev1 ): IOException in: R( /dev1 +
/servlet/NSFExp2b.panasServlet + null) RemoteException occurred in server
thread; nested exception is: 
        java.rmi.UnmarshalException: error unmarshalling arguments; nested
exception is: 
        java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: ddm.NSFExp2b.panasConfig_Stub
(no security manager: RMI class loader disabled)

We are chaining together multiple MVCs, and the error doesn't occur until
the second time we attempt to use RMI.

Thanks in advance for any assistance, and please be sure to respond to me
directly, I'm not a member of this mailing list.

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