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From "Brett W. McCoy" <>
Subject Re: Help with Cable Modem
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2001 18:50:07 GMT
On Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Dave Parkin wrote:

> I have an RCA cable modem supporting AT&T high speed cable modem internet
> service.
> I installed tomcat.  Got examples running (started tomcat successfully,
> etc.).
> http://localhost:8080
> Big problem resulted - now I cannot ping the gateway. Does anyone know why
> and what I should do to fix it.
> AT&T tech said to get tomcat out the registry.
> Is anyone aware of configuration settings that could be changed to allow for
> both.

I don't think the tech knew what he was talking about. Maybe he thought
your were trying to run a server off of their service, whihc some cable
companies don't allow.  AFAIK, Tomcat doesn't use any registry settings.
I'm using Tomcat on Win2K and it doesn't use the registry for anything --
it's all Java and runs the same on Unix as it does Windows.

What does ipconfig tell you about your network?  Have you tried using

-- Brett
Kill Ugly Processor Architectures
- Karl Lehenbauer

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