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Subject Re: TC3.2.1 - response commit on included JSPs
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2001 17:50:37 GMT
> > " if that destination is another character or
> >  byte stream, flush it."
> > 
> > In this case, the destination is the servlet output
> > stream - and it has to be flushed.
> That is only because the particular servlet engine
> implementation implements the ServletOutputStream of
> the Response object passed to the included servlet by
> wrapping it around (or simply passing on) the current
> ServletOutputStream.  Technically, that does not have
> to be so.

Ok, the final destination is the user's browser
( where bits will eventually go ). The meaning of
flush() seems to be - empty all intermediary buffers.

> This is true.  My argument then is only that I think
> the spec is bad in this regard.  However, as I stated,
> I can live with it.

+1 on that :-)

> So, I'm trying to decide whether to use the latest
> milestone build, nightly build or to setup a cvs
> project and simply track the latest code with the
> eventual goal of helping to contribute.  Having to
> build one of my deployment tools from source is not
> something I really wanted to do from a project
> management perspective, but oh well....

The release plan is to have a beta soon, and so
 far it seems to work fine (  or at least my optimistic
 look at the bugs doesn't show any stopper ).

> I presume I can hook up as a 'read only' user of the
> tc 3.3 cvs repositories with wincvs?  Where can I find
> the necessary repository url and authentication info? 
> Or can I actually checkout the whole project via
> cvsweb?  Looks like I need to do some poking around...

It's the main branch of jakarta-tomcat, with nightly
snapshots and builds available :-).


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