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From "Duncan McGregor" <>
Subject WebdavServlet
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2001 16:33:26 GMT
I'm interested in extending WebdavServlet to give directory-like access to a
compound video file format we're developing, allowing the file to be treated
like a directory of scenes, themselves composed of shots. So I'll serve the
file and scenes as DAV containers, and generate the data for individual
shots on the fly when the "file" is requested.

However reading the code its not clear to me how tightly WebdavServlet is
tied to Catalina.

I think that as, for example, serveResource(...) in DefaultServlet casts a
javax.servlet.ServletContext to an org.apache.catalina.ApplicationContext,
this implies that WebdavServlet will only run within Catalina. Is this the
case? If so, does anybody know of a bare-bones generic DAV servlet which I
can start with.

Thanks in advance

Duncan Mc^Gregor
"The name rings a bell"

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