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Subject Is the "server.xml" using "server.dtd"?
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2001 09:05:56 GMT

I'm (still) using TOMCAT Version 3.1. I'd like to change the port for my
servlets and JSP-pages from 8080 to 80. Now, I assume you have to change
these settings in the file "server.xml". I have two questions regarding
this file:

1. Why isn't the "server.dtd" used in the "server.xml"? The structure in
the DTD-file is different from the one in the XML-file. The DTD-structure
corresponds to the one in the book I'm using "Core Servlets and JavaServer
Pages" (Marty Hall), the XML-file doesn't!

2. How can I be sure the default port number for my servlets is 80? I'm
using the PWS 4.0 and the "isapi_redirect.dll".


Joeri Theelen

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