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Subject Re: help!! how to deploy a WAR file?
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2001 06:20:49 GMT

thanks, john, for your reply.

well actually, i did not create the war file :P
for testing purposes, i copied the examples.war from the webapps dir into
my tomcat resides in /home/sharon/jakarta-tomcat-3.2.1
i'm using the binaries downloaded from the tomcat site
i've removed the entire webapps dir from tomcat (will there be any
repercussions? the only thing is that whenever i startup tomcat, it tells
me /webapps dir not found, n i've been trying to get rid of it...)

in server.xml, i have the following :

<Context path="/ui"
                 reloadable="true" >

so i would expect the war file to expand into

also, i understand that i can still access the files like index.html in
examples.war even tho the war file does not expand out when i restart
that is to say, if i try


i shld be able to reach the page.
but i got a 404 error instead.

appreciate any pointers...
thanks zillions!


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Try to delete everything that the WAR file would contain...  i.e.
Application Directory that the WAR would expand to...;-)

Try to restart tomcat and see if that helps...

BTW, how did you create the war file?  Did you use the build.xml script?


John Clark

> hi,
> i'm new to tomcat...
> could someone please tell me how i shld deploy a WAR file?
> i'm NOT using the default webapps docroot, which i think is the
> upon restarting tomcat, will it automatically expand my WAR file?
> or do i have to do it manually?
> i've done some tests doesnt seem to expand my WAR file.
> would really appreciate some pointers....
> thanks in advance.

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