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Subject Forwarding to a JSP gives a callback
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2001 05:34:57 GMT

I'm trying to forward from my controller servlet to a jsp or html page.
This is not very successful at all, and I think this is because the servlet
for some reason get's called a second time after the forward for some

An example:
The servlet is invoked by a form-post. It extracts the data of interest and
calls another page (jsp or html) by usingdispatcher.forward(blah blah).

This should work, but what I notice is that the doGet() within the servlet
gets invoked after the forward (which was done from the doPost), and
the page that was forwarded to never writes it's content to the browser.
It's just blank.

What am I doing wrong?


     Sorry about the mailformat, notes doesn't seem to care about
     my attempts to get to understand that this should be plain text :(

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