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Subject Re: beginner of required
Date Tue, 20 Feb 2001 05:19:28 GMT

This is how I did it in Tomcat 3.2, not using .jar, just normal .class

Put a directory called "Sami" under webapps
Create a "WEB-INF" directory under Sami
Create a "classes" directory under WEB-INF and put the class files there

In the WEB-INF directory you should put a "web.xml" which in my case
roughly looks like this:



Then you should be able to invoce the sevlet at:

Hope it helps and that I didn't make too many mistakes :)

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Hello All,
I have recently downloaded Tomcat3.1.2. I unzipped it and then started the
web server. Its up and running. Now i have written some sample servelts
like, I have compiled them, as
servlet.jar is in my CLASSPATH.
Now I want to I want to create a direcotry "/Sami" in  "webapp" directory"
and want to deploy my servlets over there, and want that I should be able
execute those servlets by typing
so can anyone give me the sequence of steps  of how to manipulate all XML
files, how to add a new context and blah,blah,,,blah...
I have read the documentation on the site, but I guess that I am not ina
state of mind to pick up that kind of documentation.
I would be very much obliged to any person who helps me in doing this
Thanx in advance

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