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From <>
Subject RE: deep web.xml problem
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2001 14:54:15 GMT

Thank you for technical direction on deep web.xml problem... I will follow
your lead to get this right... You asked "Does it make sense?" Not all of
it. So I ask the following questions for clarification.


at startup create instance, set init-params correctly
Q1) I understand this to mean that as long as my init() method and web.xml
are ok, it's Tomcat's job to do this. Regardless of whether I
<load-on-startup> or not?

at request, create instance, set init-params to null (not specified
in web.xml), process request.
Q2) I don't know if this means Tomcat sets my init-params to null at
request, or if this is an explanation of the problem I am experiencing? Why
do you say (not specified in web.xml)?

What you need to do is to associted the start up with the mapping.
You do this by using the same servlet name for your servlet-mapping and
init-param tags.
Q3) Which config file has servlet-mapping?  Where/How do I map individual
servlet names in a web-app outside of web.xml?  Or am I missing the

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