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From "mikhail malamud" <>
Subject RE: (apxs, fdatasync, snprintf)
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2001 20:02:14 GMT

1) apxs didn't work and it took me hours to find the fix in the PHP FAQ.

What was wrong with apxs, maybe there is something wrong with mine?
This included upgrading apache to 1.3.17 in the hope that apxs was fixed
(it wasn't). I also messed around a fair bit with Tomcat and Java.

2) Couldn't join the jakarta-tomcat FAQ-O-MATIC to add my solution to

I found a different place to query tomcat-user

3) Mailing list archives give you '20 out of a possible 20' matches so
have to do a jillion queries to try and narrow out information but you

know whether your queries are actually narrowing the results.

Keep me updated. I am working basically on the same things as you are.

I got the failure to load the fdatasync problem which was solved by
-lposix4 to the apxs command line.

Right now I am replacing my gcc in the hopes that it will give me a
library containing the snprintf object. Sheesh! are all these

Java people actually still coding in C using stdio.h ??? No wonder they
think that C++ is so bad.

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