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From Cato Førrisdahl <>
Subject SV: HELP!!!
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 17:12:30 GMT
>it didn't work on her machine. i tried it on mine and it worked.
>i've win NT 4.0 and she has win 98. told me it
>should work properly on win 98.
>is there something else we should do since she's got a diff operating
>any suggestions?

what you describe is a very common problem indeed.
The reason this happens is because windows 98 command shells
have too little environment space to hold all the settings
required to launch tomcat successfully.

There are two common solutions to this. One hard and one easy.
You could edit the c:\config.sys-file and add a line with
something like
SHELL=COMMAND.COM /E:2048 (I'm not quite sure)

The other, easy one, is to be found at:

I'd go for the latter one.

No problem. :-)

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