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From "Morten Sabroe Mortensen" <>
Subject Q. on Apache+mod_jk+Tomcat problem
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT

I can't get Apache to active Tomcat correctly using mod_jk - Apache appears 
to keep returning the source for JSP-pages instead of the result of their 
execution - please help!

I've seen these symptoms mentioned in various other mails, but none with a 
suitable solution...

  Linux (Mandrake 7.1)
  Apache 1.3.12
  Tomcat 3.2.1 (as obtained from

Access to JSP directly through Tomcat's port 8080 is ok.

However, when I request a JSP-page through 
Apache on port 80 I get the page itself - as if it is a static HTML-page!!!

The request *does* appear to trigger a "Found a match ajp13"-listing in the 
"mod_jk.log" file:

[jk_uri_worker_map.c (344)]: Into jk_uri_worker_map_t::map_uri_to_worker
[jk_uri_worker_map.c (406)]: jk_uri_worker_map_t::map_uri_to_worker, Found a 
match ajp13
[jk_uri_worker_map.c (344)]: Into jk_uri_worker_map_t::map_uri_to_worker
[jk_uri_worker_map.c (406)]: jk_uri_worker_map_t::map_uri_to_worker, Found a 
match ajp13

However, in this case, the running Tomcat instance -which is run with full 
debug turned on- shows no incoming request (ServletPath, PathInfo, RealPath, 
RequestURI, ... - that list).

How come Apache finds and somehow activates the ajp13-connector, but the 
Tomcat instance never gets to know anything about it???

A summary of my setup is:

Ajp12 + ajp13 connectors set in "server.xml" -

        <Connector className="org.apache.tomcat.service.PoolTcpConnector">
            <Parameter name="handler"
            <Parameter name="port" value="8007"/>

        <Connector className="org.apache.tomcat.service.PoolTcpConnector">
            <Parameter name="handler"
            <Parameter name="port" value="8009"/>

Included in "httpd.conf" is stuff like -

JkWorkersFile /usr/tomcat/conf/
JkLogFile /usr/tomcat/logs/mod_jk.log
JkLogLevel debug

  DocumentRoot /usr/tomcat/webapps/
  JkMount /*.jsp ajp13
  JkMount /servlet/* ajp13

The "" file contains lines like -

worker.list=ajp13, ajp12

I've tried a zillion things  - but I can't make Apache invoke 

WHAT am I doing wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Morten Sabroe Mortensen

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