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From "Markus Ebersberger" <>
Subject Connection refused under hight load
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2001 11:13:18 GMT

I'm testing a servlet-application that is using Tomcat v 3.1
without Apache) running on Win2K Workstation.
The tool I'm using for testing starts a (configurable) number of
each of which connects to the server, sends a HTTP-request and waits for
the response. It runs on the same machine as the server.
When I start many threads simultaneously, the server sometimes refuses
connections (I get a ConnectException on client side).
The tomcat logfile shows nothing unusual.
Does someone know a possible reason for this behaviour or even a
solution ?
(I suspect that the "connection request queue" (I don't know the correct
 term ) of the operating system is too short, but where can i adjust
this ?)

Thanks in advance,

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