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From "Mick Sullivan" <>
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2001 15:04:29 GMT
Hi all
Im pretty new to JSP but I have got tomcat and a couple of JSP pages and 
beans working. The site I am designing for my project contains 2 frames, the 
left hand frame contains the links and the right hand frame contains the 
targets. On the left I have a 2 links, the first called 'set availability' 
and the second 'view availability'.
On my right hand frame in the 'set availability' page when I set the 
availability and click submit, a response page is brought up at the bottom 
of the 'set availability' pageas follows:

"YOU SET AVAILABILITY AS BEING 15"   (or whatever the user set it at)

My problem is that when I click 'view availability' and try to bring up the 
variable that has been set in the set availability page. An error as follows 
comes up

"Tried to do an operation on a null object."

Does this have to do with   scope="session" scope="request" or 
I think the problem is that the bean is only set while the set Availability 
page is loaded because if I got to another page and then back to the 
setAvailability page the response at the bottom of the page is gone????

Anyone got any ideas at all, Id say itís a fairly easy problem to solve?
Big Thanks in advance,

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