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From "Bryan Murtha" <>
Subject Invalid Authorizaton
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
I keep getting this error, I'm connecting to a mySQL database on the same 
Sun box as the webserver and Tomcat are running, I can use this same 
user/pass to connect through Perl DBI and everything is OK, but here I am 
told it's invalid. Have tried it using several different users, with no 
alphanumberic characters in user/pass strings.
Does anyone have any ideas?


SQLException: Invalid authorization specification: Access denied for user: 
'bmurtha@acoma.Stanford.EDU' (Using password: YES) SQLState: 28000 
VendorError: 1045

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From: Randy Layman <>
Subject: RE: Installing Tomcat
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 16:07:27 -0500

	You need to install a JDK (from eitehr Sun or IBM)
	You need to download and un-tar/zip the Tomcat binaries (it is
writtin in java, so there is only one package.  The various binary
directories are for the web server connectors)
	The Where to install is where ever you like.  If you read
	you should be able to install without any problems.  If you need to
integrate with Apache then you will also need to read

	Aren't manuals a wonderful thing?


-----Original Message-----
From: Noah silva []
Sent: Monday, February 26, 2001 4:26 PM
Subject: Installing Tomcat


I am a programmer and familiar with unix, HTML, and apache, but I am not
familiar with JSP, jserv, or tomcat.

In looking for a webmail product to meet my needs, I came across
"webmail", which despite it's rather generic sounding name, looks like a
very nice package.  It can be found at:

It recommends installing JServ.  I was told JServ was a module for apache,
but it is not in my apache modules folder.  I was also told I could
install it to my system (which is debian-linux-2.2-sparc) as a package
(i.e.: "apt-get install jserv").  This doesn't work on my system, as jserv
is found in the debian database but "has in installation canidates".
Perhaps this means there is no sparc binary version?  I find that
difficult to believe.  One of my friends who does some JSP work told me I
should use Tomcat instead, as Jserv is obsolete.  In looking at, I had more questions raised than answered.  I looked
in the binary download section, which only seemed to include i386 binarys
;(.  I also read that I would need a java compiler to compile Tomcat!?  Of
course Tomcat serves Java Servlet pages, but I thought that Tomcat itself
was written in C?  Also, do I need to install a Java Runtime system to run
the Servlets, or is that built into Tomcat?  I get the feeling from
reading some of te Docs that it isn't.  If Apache is already the HTTP
server, and you already have a JRE, it seems like Tomcat must be the
connecting piece, and it seems to me like that would be a trivial amount
of code, but obviously this isn't the case (but like I said, I am not
experiences with JSP).  I should follow my blabber with some concrete

a.) What exactly do I need to install, and where, on my sparc-linux box,
in able to be able to run java servlet applications.

b.) If I need to install a JRE, which ones are available/recommended for

c.) Is there, anywhere, a binary of tomcat for sparc/linux?  I just want
to run some JSP pages, not wrestle with trying to get Tomcat to compile on
my system.

    Noah Silva

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