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From "Stote, Robert" <Robert.St...@GTECH.COM>
Subject Question about configuration
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2001 20:14:27 GMT

I was wondering...after I get apache and Tomcat installed where do I go from
there...I've read all the documentation (users guide, developing
applications, howto etc..)...and feeling over whelmed. I would like to have
my servlets reside on Tomcat, the requests would be coming from html pages
from apache...worded poorly sorry...but the long and the short of it is I
have no idea what I should or shouldn't be changing...on the config files
for example...are the pound signs..section that are commented out...where do
I add the included statments..and when I did follow the users guide and
edited the sever.xml file the whole thin (Tomcat) stopped working...I hope
some one can help me..all I want to have happen is have an html, or jsp
forward a request to a servlet which resides on Tomcat, have the servlet do
what it has to do...then stream back the html, or xml back to the browser.

I am completely there a book or something I should be reading ? I
am a java programmer, and used to using javawebserver...

Rob (total newbie)
I guess there is a reason I only program in java ;)

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