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From Pam Withnall <>
Subject RE: relative path in my servlet...
Date Fri, 16 Feb 2001 05:32:33 GMT
I'm just using tomcat without apache,
but try these:
1. could be relative to the WEB-INF directory 
2.could be relative to the working directory which is set in server.xml
configuration file.
3.If you are reading from a file try getRealPath(relativepath) for io
operations. e.g ServletContext.getRealPath("/stylesheet")

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From: Àå½Ç¿Ï []
Sent: Saturday, 17 February 2001 1:15 AM
Subject: relative path in my servlet...


I'm using tomcat on windows2000 and with apache web server. 

In my servelt, there is such a code as following

protected final static String HTML_STYLESHEET = "stylesheet/html.xsl";

and i'm getting this error message

Internal Servlet Error: stylesheet/html.xsl 

Anyone knows where the relative path references in my servlet?
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