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From Rob Mulder <>
Subject Error during JNI connect attempt
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2001 12:38:23 GMT

Thanks to you I got the isapi_redirect working. I want to take this to the
next step and try to run the redirection in IIS via the JNI_Connect. However
IIS 5.0 stops and restarts all the time now. The JVM does not start. I get
the following error message in my jvmstd.out log file:

		Starting up StartupThread
		ERROR reading c:\java\jakarta-tomcat\conf\server.xml
		At Line 54 /Server/ContextManager/Connector/

		FATAL: configuration error

All the configurations have been performed as described in the IIS Howto and
In-Process How to documents.

Server config is Win2k advanced Server SP1, and IIS 5.0, JDK1.3 and Tomcat

Regards Rob 

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