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From Lifeng Xu <>
Subject Newbie: HTTPS
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2001 18:03:36 GMT
Hi all,

I am working in an environment of Apache/Tomcat on Linux, and I am new in
HTTPS/SSL. What I am facing is a project developed by someone else who is no
longer around. I am modifing the environment so that it will work with our
new release. While I am OK with the rest of the environment, I really don't
know much about this HTTPS stuff. It worked before, but not anymore after I
modified it. As I understand, I did change anything that related to SSL (for
instance the "SSLEngine on", etc., in http.conf).

My question is that can someone give me a simple 1,2,3... to check on? Since
I believe that the change I deed to make it back to work should be minor.
Right now, when I type in a https url, the browser displays page not found
message, but the http url works fine.

The mod_ssl is installed and used in our environment.

Any pelp is highly appreciated.


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