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From Eoin McCarthy <>
Subject Division of labour between tomcat and apache ? + odd things with URLs
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2001 11:47:32 GMT


I've been playing with tomcat, apache and mod_jk on Solaris 8 trying to see
what I can
and can't do.

I wrote a couple of short html pages - one which retrieves images placed in
the apache
document space, the other which retrieves images placed in the
(out-of-the-box) examples

Tomcat is instructed to serve the examples context using jkmount /examples/*
An alias is used to redirect requests for /examples locations to the correct
Apache serves everthing else. 

Regardless of where I put the 2 test pages (under htdocs or the examples
context), the images
are served. 

Do apache and tomcat cooperate in serving a given page or does each act
alone when serving
pages - even when components of that page lie outside the area it's supposed
to handle ?
Any ideas on how to find out ?

Also, an odd thing happens when tomcat is serving the examples context. 
It assembles an index page quite happily as http://grrr/examples/ with links
to the 
jsp, serlets and images directories. However, when I follow the servlets or
jsp links the
URL appears as http://grrr:0/examples/jsp/index.html and
- after removing the :0 the pages are still served OK.
The followed images URL appears as http://grrr/examples/images. Anybody got
any idea why this is so ?


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