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From Eoin McCarthy <>
Subject Solaris 8, apache and mod_jk - problem
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2001 10:56:26 GMT


I'm trying to configure apache 1.3.9  and tomcat 3.2 with mod_jk under
Solaris 8.  I'm using the example contexts supplied with the 

A standalone configuration of tomcat serves the contexts OK as does tomcat
with apache using mod_jserv. However, I
can't get jsps to run using mod_jk - when I try to run one I just get the
source code. Servlets are also problematic:
for the provided webapps/examples context, the servlets run OK if I do not
explicitly specify that context in the server.xml file. 
If I specify it, tomcat complains that it can't find the file (and yes, I
have the location right).

I suspect that the file is the problem seeing as I'm
following the off-the-shelf configurations for
tomcat. However, the provided file refers to DLLs,
indicating a win32 setup. I've set the paths required as per 
my system but I may be missing something - the output from the mod_jk logs
seems to indicate that mod_jk can't find a worker for
jsps. I've tried both ajp12 and ajp13.

The configuration files I'm using are attached. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
Eoin McCarthy





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