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From Fontanelli Andrea <>
Subject Jakarta NT Service: how to execute several Tomcat instances
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2001 16:30:44 GMT

	We are tomcat users and we developing a Java web application. 
	We would have two Jakarta services, one for production environment
and the other for the development environment.
	Our environment is composed like this:

*	IIS web server 
*	Tomcat 3.2  
*	O.S. Windows 2000

	We created two Jakarta services, following the setup notes ("Advance
Setup" paragraph) in the section "Working with the Jakarta NT Service", but
seems that only one Jakarta service is running at runtime. 
	When I try to start the services, the second one return to "stopped
status" after few seconds, so we never have both services running at the
same time.  

	Probably there is something in the "Advance setup" that we
misunderstand: what exactly means "install Tomcat service twice and under
two different name" ?

	Do we have to rename the jk_nt_service to two different names or
	jk_nt_service - I <name of service> <path of>
(with two different name of service/path of is enough? 

	Do you have any examples we could follow to reach our goal ?

	Thanks in advance for your help.

	Best Regards   

Andrea Fontanelli

Sviluppo Sistemi Professionali
Sema S.p.A.
Via G. Jervis, 77 - Ivrea (TO)

Tel:      +39.0125.523249
Fax:     +39.0125.522146

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